“Slam!” by kaato - out now!

Kaato Slam CD cover FINAL 3600x3600.jpg
“2 Months,
No pitch correction or any bullshit,
No outside production influences,
No real theme or approach,
And couple of guys in a home studio taking on the world of Rock Music.
Thats how I wanted to do this one.
— Kurt Lowney (KAATO)

“Overall, “Slam!” was a surprising album that really resonated with me. With a lot to show on this album, I feel like KAATO have proven that they authentically know, the twists and turns of a genre that once ruled the world, and that they will be alive and well for many more years restoring rock to its former glory. “Slam!” is definitely an album worth checking out.”
— Jamsphere
“If you like a bit of sleaze, glam and classic rock, if you’re partial to a little Aerosmith, David Bowie and Cheap Trick, check out KAATO. You will end up buying the album. And the first album. And a T-Shirt.”
— Down The Front Media
“A genre all their own.”
— BURRN! Magazine (JP)
“Somebody, Someday is a stunning track – musically uplifting, effective and professionally crafted so as to inspire and satisfy, lyrically leaning in an equally positive and motivational direction. A perfectly addictive new track form an album that will almost certainly reignite your love for live rock and roll.”
— Stereo Stickman
“KAATO’s ‘Slam!’ sounds like a more innovative and thoughtfully written album than the band’s debut... Every track on this album exudes a party band atmosphere and I think some of that energy comes across on the recordings... I tried hard to find something to criticize, since I am trying to be impartial and objective here. But, I have honestly really enjoyed this album.”
— Sleaze Roxx