When the music of KAATO is played one can almost smell the cardboard and vinyl of an extensive vintage rock collection.  The music harkens back to era when rock dominated the charts and all convention and rules were abandoned.  


  KURT Lowney :  Vocals    

KURT Lowney :  Vocals


Fronted and founded by Australian rocker, Kurt Lowney, KAATO came together in 2015 as Kurt began working with Nashville-based producer and veteran rocker Mitch Malloy to write and record the selftitled album.  "From day one, the musical chemistry between Kurt and I was undeniable.” says Malloy.  Both had grown up listening to and savoring the same musical influences…only Mitch experienced his musical heroes as a kid in realtime and Kurt was introduced to the classics by his parents.


Kurt has harbored the dream of KAATO since he was a 16-year-old recording in post-earthquake Japan in 2011.  The Japanese called him Kaato (pronounced Kah-toe), meaning Kurt.  It was during this time KAATO became Kurt's performance persona and stage name. 



Kurt and Mitch began recording the KAATO album in Nashville at Mitch’s studio, Malloy Master Tracks.  Kurt brought along his longtime friend and bass player, Mika Nuutinen, whom he had met at the Australian Institute of Music.  During their time in school the pair formed a strong musical bond and lasting friendship.  Mitch brought in guitar virtuoso Tristan Avakian for lead guitar and, once again, the musical chemistry was so undeniable that Tristan became part of KAATO.  


  TRISTAN Avakin: Lead Guitar    

TRISTAN Avakin: Lead Guitar



This unique lineup of Kurt,Mika,Mitch Malloy and Tristan Avakin, creates dynamic, melodically charged music but also a compelling, not to be missed live show.  When KAATO takes the stage all eyes and ears are held captive by the infectious music and dynamic performance.



  MIKA Nuutinen :Bassist

MIKA Nuutinen :Bassist


The KAATO album kicks off with the aptly titled SDRR (Sex, Drugs,Rock& Roll) and closes with the first single, High Time, a fast-paced party song.  While a complimentary hat tip to the original founders and influencers of rock, KAATO definitely brings its own fresh sound to the rock scene.  


Start to finish, "Our music is loud, it's fast, it's rude, it's rock and roll...it doesn't care. 'sAYS lOWNEY'


A mixture of Aerosmith, Boston, Styx and Zeppelin, and all the stuff that makes you want to get up and dance.”

 KAATO Toured US,UK in July 2016

Tour stops including the world famous Whisky A Go Go in LA, Nashville TN,

London, Liverpool, Edinburgh and More.

KAATO Toured Japan in April 2017

Playing shows in the major Cities of Osaka,Nagoya and Tokyo.

KAATO’s self titled album is available now.